How far in advance should I reserve a portable restroom?

We advise that you reserve as far in advance as you are comfortable. During peak times of the year restroom trailers may be limited. The larger the project or event, the more lead time is advised to ensure we have the chance to properly evaluate your needs, assign rental assets and deploy the resources to your site in a timely fashion. Get started today.

Where will you place my portable restroom?

We will place your portable restroom at your event and make every reasonable attempt to accommodate your wishes. However, for safety reasons we must keep the unit readily accessible for servicing, and will notify you if relocation is necessary. This ensures that our trucks, employees and equipment are not in danger or at risk.

Will the portable restrooms be clean for my event?

Absolutely. All of our portable toilet rentals undergo a thorough cleaning and pre-delivery inspection process to ensure that they are delivered in like-new, pristine condition.

If you have any other question about our services, please contact us, so we can better help you.